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5 thoughts on “XPERON GOLF BALLS

  1. That would save an awful lot of time than doing the salt water test. It’s eye opening when you see some top shelf golf balls that have a light spot in them

  2. Huh,when I was a kid I broke a golf ball apart and inside was a small black ball wrapped in elastic bands,I suppose things have changed.

  3. Thanks for the info. Thumbs up for increasing knowledge. Not buying the ball though. Working on my swing is way beyond what ball I choose. Pricing is still not worth the return even though it’s cheaper than titleist. Great idea with the high speed balance and putting alignment. Sounds like the ‘driving ball” is up there in price. I’ll wait until I find one in the trees 😎

  4. Pro v1 is by far the best ball but they give them to the pros by the thousands for free and we the golf hobbyist end up paying for it…there is no free ride

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