Backswing Boosting Beginner Golf Tips

Easily executed incorrectly by many novice golfers, a proper backswing essentially powers our entire golf swing starting at our address. Beginners can have the unfortunate habit of overusing their arms when initially developing their golf swings, especially when performing their back swings. As golfers develop their swings, they'll realize that the vast


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In this weeks golf lesson Chris Ryan answers a viewers question about the trail arm in the backswing. Chris discusses how the backswing can be affected by how the trail arm moves, and shows you a simple drill to help you improve your backswing and improve how your trail arm moves

#1 Fundamental in Golf! Junior Golf Lesson!

Here is a drill to help junior golfers learn how to hit the ball more solid and find the bottom of the swing. Finding the botttom of the swing correctly is the #1 Fundamental in Golf. Most golfers hit the ball fat, thin or off the heel or the toe.