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Steve Lawrence Golf Academy: Stance Width

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Private and Semi-Private Lessons All private lessons combine premium quality instruction and the Trackman Performance System linked with HD Video visual learning systems. The highly accurate Trackman System uses moment of impact 3D images combined with video to show clubface angles, swing path, descending club angles, ball launch angles, spin rates, and much more. These tools combined with video make the learning experience much more visual, and much less confusing. The golfers learn more effectively what makes their individual swing work. These lessons are available for everyone from beginners to professionals. Instruction in the different swing types of One Plane, Traditional Two Plane, Stack and Tilt, and variations of these are available. Lessons followed immediately by practice time are also available.

Produced by Tiburon Films Inc. and Sammy Okpro
Shot and Directed by: Steve van Diest
Edited by Erin Bezovie

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