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In this short video Chris Ryan takes a look at the golf set up and hows you how to set up to the golf ball with the iron clubs and the driver explaining the differences between these two.

The driver stance will be slightly different to the irons set up and being able to do this correctly is key to being more consistent on the golf course.

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10 thoughts on “HOW TO SET UP TO THE GOLF BALL

  1. Probably just the video I needed just now. Concentrating on the swing path for a month now, not standing anywhere near to that since.

  2. Chris, I have been recently concentrating on the trail foot perpendicular to my swing path not flared out especially with driver, to reduce my slice is this correct?

    1. ChrisRyanGolf I’ve sent you two images I found about golf set up on instagram which is why I’m trying it

    2. Hi Daryl, if this does help you fix the slice then keep going, however if I’m honest I would struggle to see how this would affect the ball flight in a positive way. A slice is normally from an open face and left path, squaring off the trial foot would probably not influence either of these too much 👍👍

  3. really enjoyed the down line view of driver and irons together. I always see pros with more of a gap with driver to belt buckle. Everytime I try it I find too much weight on my toes and loose balance. Thank you for detailed setup with lines on video.

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