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GG’s Dynamic Loft Hacks | Golf Swing Enhancements

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The angle of attack and a player’s dynamic loft are intertwined, influencing each other heavily in relation to our overall golf swing.

Playing a vital role in how far our drives travel, the amount of dynamic loft present in our swing weighs heavily on the distance that the golf ball will travel.

Having too low or too high of a dynamic loft present in our golf swing can both deliver horrible results on the golf course and often lead to missed shots in the most extreme cases.

George Gankas golf lessons, known collectively as the GG Swing Method, focus on optimizing the existing strengths in any player’s game while striving to repair any weaknesses present.

Golfers from around the world continue to credit George Gankas golf lessons with turning their games around for the better, even as many practitioners of the GG Swing Method have never even set foot on the same continent as Gankas.

Used as a measurement for the amount of loft present in at impact in the clubface, several other elements help determine the amount of dynamic loft present in a player’s swing.

Where the clubface connects with the ball, the positioning of the clubface in relation to the swing path, the way a player releases their clubhead, the manner in which the shaft bends during the swing and the angle of attack in our swing all have great influence over the amount of dynamic loft found in a player’s swing.

As golfers become aware of dynamic loft and how it helps to shape the distance of their shots, many begin to study their ball spin, consistency and overall distance repeatedly in an attempt to craft the ideal golf swing that delivers their desired results.

Every players should be interested in understanding the steps needed to accurately adjust their dynamic loft to the point that they’re adding carry distance to their golf swing.

Our dynamic loft directly reflects the amount of spin found in our golf swing at impact.

Players often believe that they will either need to increase their spin loft or decrease their spin loft when the answer isn’t quite as black and white.

An increase spin loft will benefit players working with golf clubs like a wedge or other irons, as increasing the spin rate of the ball will ultimately allow a slower paced delivery of the golf ball off of the clubface at impact.

Players will experience a situation where the higher spin rate of the ball, coupled with the reduced flight speed creates remarkable distance when working from the green and setting up your short game.

In other situations, such as shots taken with a driver, players will benefit from decreasing the overall spin loft of their shot.

This strategy will create the perfect conditions to rip drives deep down course, as reducing the spin loft will increase the overall ball speed.

Reductions to the dynamic loft in your club if you have an adjustable driver will do little to replicate the results described above.

Utilizing these driver tools will actually decrease the power behind the launch of your golf ball while greatly diminishing spin loft as well.

The ball will not launch high as desired, rather falling flat due to the use of this driver tool.

Instead of reducing the dynamic loft of your golf swing, players must alter the angle of attack in their swings to guarantee a high launch for their golf ball but still decrease their spin loft with an expanded smash factor as the end result.


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