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Callaway Epic FLASH Fairways tested Average Golfer

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9 thoughts on “Callaway Epic FLASH Fairways tested Average Golfer

  1. I’m excited about the design of the face. By changing the thickness of the back of the face they’ve essentially designed a game improvement club. I love my XR16 driver and fairway woods and I will give the new line a try.

  2. I like the looks of the Epic Flash for some reason. They seem to perform well, also. I need a new three wood and Driver this year. Ouch!

  3. You must consider 3 wood zero with the off the deck performance. Does it compare to any other club you’ve tested.

    1. as yet I would say no, I was a fan of the Rogue 3 wood and came close to gaming it but I think this is better, more testing needed

  4. Oh man, could be an expensive start of 2019…Maybe this is the year I replace both my original M1 and my Nike vapor 3W. I just wish there was a way to rent a demo club for a round or two for consumers to do on-course testing.

    1. Cornwall1888 ah yeah I think I do recall hearing about that. I’m in the U.S. though & not sure Benross is over here yet. Hopefully the bigger OEMs copy the try before you buy model

    2. Jay Chung there is a company that sends you out clubs to try now, I think it may be benross

      Test them in a shop or from your club pro if you have one?

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